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Automated content streaming via IP  for UHD/HD/SD mixed media files

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By bringing together over 15 years of experience manufacturing integrated playout solutions, Eurisco offers a powerful addition to the range of broadcast TV and Channel branding systems, enabling content streaming and building digital programs within minutes. 

The ability to play out media streams at Gigabit rates makes it the ideal solution for the instant deployment of IPTV and digital broadcasting. 

Accessed via standard web browser, Eurisco enables content owners and program production and presentation creators to incorporate comments from multiple social network feeds quickly and efficiently into a single ready for-broadcast stream.

Eurisco is client/server application and supports multi-user access. A single application can be used across several live services, television shows and channels. Multiple user accounts may be assigned, each account then being able to create customized feeds. Access to each feed can also be configured as private, accessible by designated users or available to all users.

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  • Versatile video streaming 
  • Multiple graphic layers 
  • Streaming direct to social media live services 
  • Video Up and down conversion
  • Variable bit rate & format conversion 
  • Captions and branding 
  • Multi-user access
  • Supports both RTMP for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube  live and custom CDN’s will  and UDP for cable networks.
  • Moderated Publish Mode, where items have to be marked as approved before they are published
  • Instant Publish Mode, where items are published as soon as they are selected
  • Output to CG engine for On Air presentation